Features & Technology

GoReserva hotel management software consist of all latest features and up to date technology to server hotelier and tourism industries unique needs.

GoReserva includes wide range of features that have been designed and created with the input of hoteliers to ensure that our hotel booking system completely meets
the needs of accommodation owners.We value our customers and are constantly making improvements to our booking system in response to your feedback
making it the most up to date and innovative professional hotel booking solution on the web today!

Bootstrap framework

Open-source Javascript framework

We used for combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript code to build user interface.

Mobile Ready [Beta]

Responsive web design

It adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment .


Open Source Content Management System

Joomla enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications trusted by millions


Subsidiary of Google, limited liability company

YouTube is a video-sharing website on which you can upload and share in GoReserva.

Powerful Email Configuration

Spread your identity with all outgoing email

Manage your automated emails. Design, layout and content and create complete corporate identity.

Sales Report

Available for Hotel and Super Admin

Sales report help you to track wide range of sales activities in GoReserva hotel booking environment.

Customer Analysis Report

Know your customer

Help you to learn who is your customer and where are they form, Its good for future business development plan

Booking Report

Details information of every single booking

Today or Tomorrows Arrival, Cancellation or any custom range filter help you to generate hotel booking report.

Unlimite Hotel & Contol Panel

Each Hotel has its own Cpanel

From super admin area super admin can manage each hotel Cpanel or its Activities.

Request for GoReserva Test Drive

Upon submission your will receive email from us with all required access to review GoReserva Hotel Admin Control panel.
Inside hotel admin panel you can experience all feature and understand how hotel manager can manage
every single information from easy-to-use control panel.

Unlimited Room - Rates & Availability

No Limitation to manage your rooms

Each room can have unlimited rates and dynamic or static availability options.

Support Multilingual

Joomla CMS Speaks in 64 language

GoReserva powerful multilingual tools allow you to translate all available language by Joomla

Built-in Google Currency API

Instant price conversation tools

Using Google currency converter API GoReserva can convert any price in any currency.

Dynamic Payment Gateway

Receive payment online during booking

PayPal, PayPal Pro, Authorize.net, ChronoPay or you can use any Custom payment gateway too.

Adorable Discount Coupon

Allow you to offer discount anyone in anyway

You can offer discount for a hotel or a person or user group (such as Agent) or for all hotel in any city with more.

Intelligent Ratings and Comments

Wide range of comments and rating features

Only guest who actually place a booking request and visit hotel they can submit comments and ratings.

Dynamic super smart destination

Create unlimited destination

Each destination create dynamic destination details page which make your website user friendly and improve organic search result in Google, Yahoo or Bing etc

FaceBook Integration

Just copy and paste your api code

Facebook like us API integration help you to grow your business socially across the social network also increase search visibility.

Google + Integration

Just copy and paste your api code

Google + API don't just give you a + but it will directly improve search result visibility with Google organic search (Recommended).

Twitter Integration

Just copy and paste your api code

Its allow you to tweet any hotel with
your social network.

Google Map API

Its work out of the box

Used for GoReserva Hotel search in Google map
and hotel location.

Manage Continent, Country, State & Cities

Geo data is in your control

You can mange every single place from all over the world
and we make is very simple.

Group Booking

Design for large group accommodation feature

Available for each hotel admin to create group for any size with many choice.

Powerful Global Configuration

You don't have to be a Programmer

Our configuration tools allow you to do complex job with simple Yes/No feature.

Unlimited Room Types and Hotel Facilities

Create your room types and facilities

Its help each hotel admin to manage there room with types and select associate facility for hotels.

Unlimite Hotel Categories

Hotel, Hostel, Bed & Breakfast or ...

Each property can define up to 3 suitable category, First category marked as Primary in search.

Stunning Feedback Plugin

Get information from your user

No matter if they visitor or guest or hotel admin they can submit there feedback to improve your website.

Premier Listing Hotel

Win to Win Feature

Offer your hotelier premier listing benefits to generate more revenue for both - hotel and website owner.

Featured Hotel

Featured any hotel in singe click

Featured hotel is an option for super admin to high light any hotel for associated Destination.

Special Rates Offer

We know user search for discount

Attract your visitor using special rooms rates for any time period - its work out of the box beyond your settings


Are you super admin?

Mange every single data, hotel and complete GoReserva and CMS feature from super admin control panel.

Super Easy Checkout

Super Simple Booking Process

GoReserva don't ask 100's of question or registration during booking, its does automatically behind the screen

Guest Control Panel

Allow you to manage user booking

Each guest have own control panel to manage booking, cancellation or submit comments and ratings.

Smart Booking Cancellation

Its save lots of time for Hotel manager

GoReserva booking cancellation feature closely tie with Hotel Terms and conditions.

Joomla RT T3 Template

Most powerful Joomla template framework

Joomla RT T3 template framework offer magical tools for manage your template and layout.

Using LESS with Bootstrap

Code Less & Do More

GoReserva use Less with Bootstrap to keep code light and simple which will speed up your page load.


Interpreted computer programming language

JavaScript help us to do all complex logic ready for your hotel booking business.


The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library

JQuery help you to access quickly JS Library and reduce code to load faster and improve page performance .

Font Awesome

Scalable vector icons

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized.


Latest and Greatest Technology

We use HTML 5 and CSS 3 to build user interface using BootStrap framework.


Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP

A solution stack of free, open source software, originally coined from the first letters of Linux.

Hotel Add-ons

Allow you to integrate custom features

Option to install existing add-ons or create custom add-ons for your booking engine.

Tax Management System

Add your tax with your booking cart

Allow you to manage unlimited tax with wide range of feature and conditions